About Astypalaia island in Greece - Astypalaia Palace
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Astypalaia Palace is ideally located on the hill and at a short distance from Chora (the main town).

Astypalaia is a butterfly-shaped island situated exactly where the Dodecanese meets the Cyclades. With bluer-than-blue seas, crystal-clear waters, stunning pebbly beaches and the majestic castle on the top of the hill, it offers to its visitors the opportunity for unforgettable, dreamy experiences! The island and the surrounding skerries host several species of birds and are both protected by the European Network NATURA 2000.

The main town (Chora) is located at the western part of the island and unfolds up until the top of the highest rock. Stone-built windmills and traditional houses with blue and white facades -in accordance to the Cycladic architecture- spread around the grand Venetian Castle, composing a romantic landscape that resembles a postcard. In the central square and around the backstreets you will find several options for shopping, drinking or dining.

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