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Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to Astypalaia Palace, our luxurious accommodation in the mesmerizing island of Astypalaia! Our elegant facilities are located right at the capital of the island, the renowned Chora, making your stay with us an excellent choice as you will have the opportunity to enjoy both the amazing and lively atmosphere while also being close to many of the island’s most beautiful beaches.

Our elegant studios and rooms

Our luxurious accommodation is constituted by one studio and seven suites (deluxe, honeymoon, junior etc.), and you can choose the unit that best corresponds to your needs. All of our deluxe units were renovated in 2016 and will amaze you with their tasteful decoration, minimal design and elegant Cycladic architectural elements, while they include all the necessary amenities (such as TV set, air conditioning system, WiFi access, private bathroom etc.). The interior is bright and spacious, and will ensure that you will pass relaxing and carefree moments with your loved ones.

Most of our suites have indoor or outdoor jacuzzis, while our junior suite has a private pool, too - an amazing experience to have while gazing to the breathtaking view, as all our units offer spacious private balconies overlooking the charming Chora and the endless blue of the Aegean. For this reason, our accommodation is also an ideal choice to spend a dreamy, romantic honeymoon.

Our location

Astypalaia is a unique case of a Greek island, emerging from the fruitful combination of the Dodecanese and the Cyclades. Resulting in a place that combines these two identities in an extraordinary way, this butterfly-shaped island is renowned for its natural beauty and romantic landscapes, crystal-clear waters and picturesque settlements - the perfect option for those who seek to explore a more traditional and authentic side of Greece.

Our facilities are conveniently located at the Chora of Astypalaia, which is admittedly one of the most picturesque island capitals. This traditional settlement with its outstanding architecture is built between two beautiful bays and reaches up to the hill where the Venetian castle lies, offering an incomparable view to the sea. The Chora is a heaven for wanderers, as the greatest way to discover its hidden corners is by strolling through the countless, whitewashed back streets. The small cafes, the taverns with the mouthwatering local delicacies, the trademark square with the windmills and the cozy bars will warm your heart, making your stay in Astypalaia an experience of a lifetime!